A story of success..

The title might be a tad bit dramatic but this is seriously how I felt after such an amazing diabetes day. Friday, July 26th, I wrote about how I would be venturing out to an amusement park. The family and I would be running around for just about seven hours, in the heat, with only a few rest stops, I thought for sure things would get chaotic with my numbers… The last time my husband and I went, oh so many years ago, I’ll have to admit that I sat in the 200’s plus the entire day and felt miserable. We ended up coming home early.

This time around that was not an option. I was determined to make this a terrific day for everyone, including myself.

The night before I packed up the back pack with everything I thought they would need and everything I knew i would need. I made sure to have plenty of test strips, alcohol swabs, plenty of insulin and syringes, glucose tablets and sticks, money, water, and so much more. I mean I was prepared for just about anything. The next morning we woke up bright and early, I tested, ate a reasonable breakfast, and then we headed out to Kings Island. Probably the coolest amusement park I have ever been to, outside of Disneyland. I checked my sugar again before heading in. Then the day really picked up. We got so busy.

I’m proud to say that my numbers were awesome!

Starting from the bottom to the top that is the moment I woke up to the end of my very, very exhausting day. That low of 49 was right before lunch and that 141 was after Chinese food. It was so delicious and completely bolus worthy.

Nothing at or above the 200’s and I was actually able to enjoy myself. Everyone left with a smile on their faces. Which made me one happy lady. The difference between this trip and the last one is that this time I was diligent about checking my blood sugar, and most definitely did not ignore any of the signs. If I felt off/or funny then I checked it. I stayed completely hydrated and when I needed to sit down for a second or two I did so. Now, any grumpiness that came towards the end of the day was pure exhaustion. Haha. My daughter had me running around like a mad woman but we had a blast.

Now, I can’t wait to do it all over again. I know that as long as I pay attention and keep prepared I can go out and have fun and do whatever it is that I want to do. Own it or be owned and I think I made diabetes my bitch that day.

(Excuse my language)

I like writing posts like this because I know that there are a lot of people out there in the world who think that just because I have diabetes I can’t enjoy myself. I can’t go run around and act like a child and eat ice cream, or Chinese food, and the truth is..I CAN. I can do anything you can do. Just with a few precautions. A few extra steps. No big deal.

Nothing holds you back, right?

Well, I am the very same way. Nothing is going to stop me, or hinder my excitement, not even diabetes.

Own it or be owned!

Here’s a few pictures from that day..

Here’s the Eiffel tower. :)

Before we got into the park.

Before we got into the park.

My very tired feet.

We saw this dinosaur exhibit and this was a sign that was up there. I laughed.


11 thoughts on “A story of success..

  1. Liz, that is awe-inspiring! I love “Own it or be owned”.

    I used to go to that park all the time before my diagnosis. Your photo brought back memories. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you so much, Stephen. Ha. Ha. I feel like it should be a bumper sticker or something. It’s my own personal little motto/ It helps me get through some of the rougher days.

      My husband loves Kings Island. I’m not a huge fan of roller coasters but I go for the family. It was a lot more fun this time around.

      Thanks for stopping by, friend. Hope you’re doing well.

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