Proceed with caution..

A few of my lady friends and I had a conversation about our Mary Poppins bags the other day and what exactly we carried in those ginormous things… if you’ve seen the movie then you will understand the reference. With diabetes, small children, and lazy friends who don’t want to carry stuff you realize exactly how magical your bag/purse can really become. I’ve decided to give you a look into the unknown. Enter if you dare!

This is the bag I have been using. I could fit a small child in it, I’m sure.

This is the purse I switched to b/c everyone made fun of the suitcases I would carry around.

This is the purse I switched to recently. 

This is the contents of green bag.

This is the contents of green bag.

Contents Include, but are not limited to:

  1. Little kitty purse/wallet I am borrowing from my daughter. A bigger wallet wouldn’t fit.
  2. Four bobby pins, two hair ties, one hair clip, and a partridge in a pear tree.
  3. Giant key chain with only two keys actually on it.
  4. A Sephora mirror.
  5. My glasses.
  6. Three glucose quick sticks. Watermelon flavor.
  7. Two pens. Normally there will be at least ten but I cleaned it up a bit.
  8. Not one, not two, but four chap stick/lipsticks because you never know..
  9. Sunglasses. Because the sun never sets in cool town.
  10. Ear buds so I can block out the world.
  11. My glucose meter in all it’s awesomeness.
  12. Random pieces of paper and a sticky note pad.
  13. And last, but certainly not least, my insulin/syringe case that I just got. It holds up to ten syringes, two vials of insulin, my quick sticks, five alcohol pads, and anything else my heart contents. :)

There you have it. My world exposed.

What’s in your bag/purse/wallet? How do you get your supplies around?


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