Girls just wanna have fun..

The welcoming of July means festivals, fireworks and food.

There are festivities honoring so many different cultures, events surrounding specific types of food and their origins, firework displays, sweet treats/delicious drinks at every corner, and I guarantee you’ll be able to find every kind of deep fried something you could think of. Before diabetes I didn’t shy away from activities like this and I am certainly not going to now. Around here it is a way of life. Celebrations and gatherings with music, dancing, and laughter.

My husband and I take our daughter out and about every Summer to enjoy all that this town has to offer.

During these times I try to keep in mind that though I am diabetic I am still allowed to enjoy myself. I used to think that I had to lead this incredibly strict life when it came to my diabetes. Life, age, and wisdom, have taught me that, though there might be some extra steps that need to be taken, and though I might need to be a bit more cautious than most, I can still live a very “normal” life. So last night when we headed out for the first round of fireworks downtown I did what any normal person would do..

I enjoyed an apple ale beer and half of a yummy funnel cake.

I checked my sugar before hand and I was at a disturbing 198. I took a correction shot, I am on MDI, and did a bolus for the beer/funnel cake. After dancing, singing, running around, sitting impatiently in the rain for the fireworks (which were quite spectacular despite conditions, I checked my blood sugar again only to discover that it was sitting at a lovely 119. Success!

Which lead me to write this post…

Diabetes does not mean that I have to live a hermit life, full of routine, where nothing spontaneous ever occurs. On the contrary I can live an absolutely fantastic life just as long as I remember that..

1. I need to take care of my health. Check my blood sugar, take my insulin, and be aware of how I am feeling.

2. I am a human being. I can have fun and I am allowed to do so.

3. Even if today was a roller coaster, blood sugar wise, tomorrow will be better. As long as I continue to try. As long as I continue to work at this and never give up.

So I say..

Diabetic or not..get out there and enjoy yourself.

Make wonderfully, fantastic memories.

We only have one life.

Fireworks #1



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