Driving with diabetes..Pt 2

So my last post discussed my fear of driving again. I’d mentioned that I haven’t been behind the wheel for quite some time and had recently decided to venture out of my comfort zone…If you’d like to read all about it you can find it over here.

At the end of my venting I noted that I didn’t think I’d be driving ever again..

Well, Tuesday changed that whole mind frame. Early in the morning my husband was making breakfast for everyone when I heard a loud crash downstairs. I came rushing down to see what was the matter and he had hurt his back, severely, he was wincing in pain and couldn’t even breathe. I suppose he had been lifting something heavy and turned the wrong way and the next thing he knew something popped in his back. Anyway, long story short, he needed someone to take him to the emergency room. As I looked around at my five year old, wondering if she’d be able to reach the pedals, my husband was staring right at me. I knew it had to be me but I wasn’t happy about it.

It was raining and dark out and I was nervous.

With how much pain my husband was in, and the fact that he actually called off work, meant he needed to be seen. So we piled in the car and took off. Surprisingly I did very well. I shook off the fear and went for it. I drove him to the emergency room, to Walmart to get his prescription filled and out to his moms house to pick up a few things. The whole time just building more and more confidence. Before I knew it my husband was silent and I was just doing my thing. It felt great. I mean I was worried about him but I felt amazing being able to drive and get stuff done.

He said I was great! Of course he had a few notes for me to work on, because even in pain he is on top of everything, but overall the driving part of that day was a success. So, maybe I will be driving again. You’d be surprised at how quickly you adapt when you are thrown into a very stressful situation. My sugar was sky high by the time the day was over and then dropped over night but I didn’t let that affect me or affect the confidence I had just built up. Also, it helped reaching out to the DOC. You all gave me so much love and support that I could have exploded.

All the positive thoughts sent my way really enabled me to keep on trucking.

I’m happy to announce that I am back behind the wheel with diabetes by my side.

Own it or be owned, am I right? :)

Side Note: My husband is doing fine as of right now. He had a pull/tear in his lower back and has been on medication to help him out. Still working though so I know it isn’t too bad. Thank you all for the concern. 


8 thoughts on “Driving with diabetes..Pt 2

  1. Sometimes the fear of NOT doing something outranks the fear OF doing something. I’m so glad you were able to pitch in during a time of need… though sorry that the need arose in the first place. Either way, everything is fortunately good in the end.

  2. YAY well done! I’m really happy for you. Everything happens for a reason and maybe the reason behind it was to push you into getting behind the wheel again. I’m glad it went smoothly and you were all OK. I hope the hubby is doing good too?

    • Hi. Yeah, he is doing much better now. Took him a few days to get back to normal which gave me plenty of driving time. :) Thanks for all your sweet comments. I really appreciated them.

  3. That is frickin’ awesome! Way to go Shero! I guess since the hubs is on medication, there’s not a chance he was faking it just to get you behind the wheel again:) Please forgive me for thinking that at the beginning of your post. Glad he’s doing better.

    • You know I had thought maybe he was faking for a moment as well. He’s like that. The moment he called off work, however, I knew it was serious. He is doing a lot better though, plenty of rest helped. And I have been driving all over the place now. Haha. I’m very proud of myself for not chickening out.

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