Wordless Wednesday-ish.

My diabetic life through meters…

This was my very first meter. I didn't like it very much.

This was my very first meter.

Side noteThose test strips have expired and I was sort of bummed finding them. I hate wasting money.

Speaking of hate…I hated this meter!

When I was first diagnosed I had no idea what sort of equipment was out there for diabetics. I used it because I had to but carrying it around was such a chore and I often “forgot” it at home. I know, not the best idea. I was younger and very concerned with what others thought. Thankfully that is something I have outgrown now. These days I’ll check my sugar right in the middle of a baseball game and inject my insulin right there too.  

Pictured here is my second meter and then the purple one is my "on the go" meter.

Here is the second meter I ever owned. The purple one is my “on the go” one.

Side note: The test strips for the above meter came wrapped in a foil casing and that was so stinking annoying!

I have had type one diabetes for close to eight years now and one day I just up and bought a different meter. I guess I figured why not. When I think back I really bought it because I thought maybe it would get me more “excited” about diabetes. Ha. You know, if I had a new gadget maybe then I’d have more of an incentive to check my blood sugar. The little purple thing on top was a more travel friendly meter and I liked it a lot. I ended up just using that one the majority of the time.

Recently I started getting bored with both of these so my husband found this one…

My favorite meter!

My favorite and newest meter!

This is the first meter I can say, with honesty, that I absolutely love! It’s not that boring, standard-looking meter, it’s bright red and the case that holds everything is smaller despite the meters actual size. It seems silly to me, someone who has always tried to hide their diabetes, someone who hasn’t cared much about the gadgets, someone who has done the bare minimum to live with this disease, to be excited about this..but I am. I’ve written before about pushing my diabetic needs to the side and how at the beginning of the year I really started to focus on my health and being the absolute “best diabetic” I can be and I can say that I have been feeling/doing so much better. What helped was that moment I decided to stop hiding and stop caring what other people thought. Once I let all of that negativity go my world just opened up dramatically.

I’m not saying I don’t have my off days where I feel frustrated but if buying a new meter gets me excited then I’m going for it. If going for a walk everyday makes me feel good then I’m doing it. I’m all about a better, happier me.

I don’t, by any means, think that I have a lot of meters either.

I know a few people with way more! :)

Side note: This was for Wordless Wednesday but I obviously like to chat. :)


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