Random Ramblings…

It's Monday, folks!! :)

It’s Monday, folks!! :)

This past weekend has been a very busy one.

I’ve loved every second of it.

Friday I wrote about my frustrations with diabetes and all the crazy high numbers I had been dealing with here and there. I’m not sure why I expect my blood sugar to ever stay “normal” when diabetes is such a fickle little thing. A few of my twitter friends had some very kind words of encouragement though and that helped ease my mind a bit. After sulking for a few minutes that day I decided to just let it go. To throw my hands up and just go with it.

That helped because the rest of the weekend was close to perfect.

Saturday there was a huge neighborhood “garage sale” type thing. I gathered up a few things the night before to try to sell and ended up with a decent chunk of change. My daughter and another little girl sold lemonade, which was a huge success, and more importantly my blood sugar stayed in check. I was slightly amazed. There was one spike after indulging in a refreshing glass of lemonade but it was for a good cause. :)

I spent an entire nine hours running around that day. Helping my brother in law and his girlfriend keep an eye on things. Selling this trinket and that one. We had lunch there and I opted for a burger without the bun and some fruit. Sugar stayed around the 130’s. I felt like a champion. Later that night my husband and I made french bread pizzas and then I was able to enjoy a delicious s’more when my blood sugar got to be around 60. Not a bad way to end a very long day!

Sunday I did even better with my numbers, at least I thought so. I did a bolus for every meal/snack yesterday and the numbers all looked great. Until I woke up this morning in the 200’s. I didn’t fret this time around though. I know the cause was our impromptu movie night out and that delicious movie theater popcorn.

Today I am spending the day doing some chores around the house and hopefully getting a little workout in. It’s been since Wednesday! Terrible. My Monday is going to be fairly quiet though, so no complaints here, going to enjoy it.

Side note: I wanted to share a few random things..

1. My JDRF Walk to Cure is the second week of October and already I have raised my donation goal! I’m actually fifteen dollars over and I hope to continue my fundraising. I’m all about going above and beyond especially since this is something that not only affects my life but friends/family of mine as well.

Very exciting stuff.

2. Lastly, and this is just some nerd fact, I calculated out how many times, roughly, I have checked my sugar and given myself injections. (Poked myself with a syringe) Here’s what I came up with–I have pricked a finger to check my blood sugar about 19,000 times. Think about that. For some of my diabetic friends who have been doing this longer than I have it’s even more. But I have made myself bleed from my fingertips 19,000 times. Crazy! I have injected insulin, with a syringe, over 16,000 times. These numbers are insane to me. I mean, I have to do it, I don’t have a choice, but wow! I’m shocked that I don’t look like a piece of Swiss cheese by now. The time span is from the end of 2005 to now.

(Keep in mind that these are rough guesstimates)

I just thought this was sort of interesting and wanted to share.

Do you know how many times you’ve poked your fingers?

Or stabbed yourself with a syringe?

(I hate saying stabbed, by the way, I need to find a better term)

If you can, or even want to, try figuring it out!


10 thoughts on “Random Ramblings…

  1. Ha! Of course I had to calculate how many times I’ve tested my sugar. Thanks to Google, I know I’ve had Diabetes for 5,323 days. We’ll just say I test an average of 6 times/day, that puts me right around 32,000 tests!

    I think this calls for a manicure.

  2. Well done on your walk. Amazing! I want to train for a 5k race for diabetes. I’m aiming for the end of this year or next year. WOW @ 19000 & 32000. I’ll have to calculate my finger pricks and injections/ pumping (which gets tricky, because it would have to be every time you change your insert). Hmmm will get back to you on that one.

    • Thank you. I’m excited to be walking for something that means so much to me. :) That’s a lot of finger pokes, right? You should definitely try to calculate it out though. If you can. I know with people who have been pumping it’s a little different.

    • Haha. Math wizardry…I like that. I find it terribly ironic that math was my absolute worst subject before being diagnosed with diabetes. And now my entire life revolves around numbers and stuff. Yuck. :) Life has a silly sense of humor.

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