Stop and smell the roses..

My five year old is always chatting and discussing with me things like, the meaning of life, who her best friends are, why she doesn’t care for this food or that, and how much she loves me and why. Usually I am very attentive, but I will admit, if I am trying to multitask at the same time she is trying to give me her latest speech on why she deserves ice cream before dinner, that I will give her the old “nod and smile” while occasionally throwing in an, “Oh, really?” It works. So I try not to mess with things that work. :)

Lately she has been very interested in my diabetes and how I am feeling. It’s very sweet actually. Through our conversation I picked out a few gems that really stuck with me some are diabetes related and some are not..

  1. When my sugar is high and I am feeling grumpy…”You know, mom, I’m going to tell you some knock knock jokes!” She says that if I laugh really hard and loud I might feel better and being happy will make my sugar come down. 
  2. It’s okay to have dessert before dinner because we’re getting to the fun stuff before having to take care of the boring part.
  3. Exercise is great for mommies and kids to do together. She’s a huge health five! It’s weird. The other day I was working out and she was standing on the sidelines shouting my name. Cheering me on and telling me that I could do it.
  4. Sometimes I don’t always have to clean and do laundry. That stuff is boring and she’d rather we just sit on the couch and watch movies all day. Lately I have been trying to do more of that. The cleaning will get done, eventually. :)
  5. When someone is not feeling well…snuggles make everything better.

Sometimes the wisdom of a child is astounding.

She’s a smart little thing and she makes life so much more enjoyable. I admit that I can be a bit grouchy when there is stuff that needs to get done and no one is doing it. When the chores are piling up but all they want to do is play…it’s endearing but frustrating. My way of thinking is that I will enjoy myself after all the work gets done. They think the opposite is better. ( “They” being my husband and little girl) So, I figure once in a while I would give it a try and just worry about living and less about whether or not the dishes are put away.



8 thoughts on “Stop and smell the roses..

  1. My little peanut is also becoming a lot more receptive to my diabetes these days. He is constantly quizzing me on what this can do and what that can do? LOL btw we also work out together. It make it more fun and I’m more motivated to complete my workouts. He’s my cheer leader (come on mami hahaha) <3

    • That’s so cute. They are great at encouraging, right? I knew the day would come when she would start showing more interest in my diabetes. The funny part is she gets very defensive if she feels like people are being weird about it. The things kids pick up on.. How old is your son?

  2. When my Dex buzzes, she says: “Maman, Dex!!!” She has to say goodnight to my pump and my Dexcom…. Adorable. Hope when she’s your daughter’s age, she’ll cheer me on to get more active… Great post!

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