Here’s the recap..

In case you were interested in viewing what my day of diabetes was like, via twitter, I have created a link for

Briefly I thought I would share five things that this whole thing taught me:

  1. Though not every diabetic is the same we all go through some of the same frustrations. I think that is why we can all be so encouraging to one another. Because there is an understanding. It’s awesome. 
  2. Not every day is the same when it comes to diabetes. It likes to keep us on our toes. Yesterday was actually a decent day on display for all of twitter to view. While the day before that I battled some vicious numbers. You just never know. Which is why I try to just roll with the punches. Today I am hoping for another amazing diabetes day, but who knows.
  3. Live tweeting your diabetes can get a little more tedious than even the disease. I almost gave up on it yesterday. :)
  4. Getting feedback about my tweets, what I was eating, my regimen was nice. The best part was it sparked a few questions from my non-diabetic friends and family who had no idea that this was what I dealt with daily. So I learned that I shouldn’t hide my disease or what I am going through whether those moments are happy or frustrating.
  5. Coffee and creamer do not mix well with diabetes. Ha. My highest spike was right after my morning cup of heaven.

So some of my “learning” was a bit comical. The bigger picture is that I wasn’t uncomfortable.

In fact while I was out yesterday I tested my blood sugar and took my shot right out in the open. Before I tried very hard to be discrete about everything. The last thing I wanted was to make someone else feel weird or uncomfortable, and then I realized that I was putting myself in a corner when I should be like, “Hey, world! I’m with it!” :)


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