Today I am going to join in with quite a few people who have already done so and participate in Day Of Diabetes.

In short I will basically be live tweeting , to the best of my ability, everything diabetes related. From when I wake up in the morning to the time I go to bed, and of course, everything in between. For starters I would like it to be noted that I am not a medical professional, I have never claimed to be one, and my regimen is a work in progress. I am not perfect especially when it comes to my diabetes. My days are inconsistent, that’s how diabetes rolls, so to speak. Bare with me. I am putting a lot of myself out there and coming from someone who used to feel very shy about sharing things like this, it’s going to be a little difficult.

No one wants to feel judged.

I first heard of this from SweeterCherise who took to twitter for her day of diabetes. I thought it was such a neat idea. Then it picked up and soon a few others that I follow started live tweeting.

So I figured, why not try it too. Why not let my day be seen. Not just for my diabetic buddies either, they know what the day to day is like for the most part, but for my non diabetic friends. People/family who maybe haven’t experienced diabetes first hand can see what it is like trying to handle family/household chores/life stresses as well as diabetes. It is certainly not a walk in the park. We handle it all so well because we have to. The only other option is to give up and lay by the waste side. That is not a life for me. I hope that in doing this I will get to educate someone, anyone, in the life of a diabetic.

I will post my tweets and talk about what the experience was like for me.

Or you can follow me right now at http://www.twitter.com/xxlovelylizxx

Enjoy the show, folks. :)


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