Strengths and Weaknesses.

I’m joining the DSMA for this month’s Blog Carnival! This month’s prompt is: 

  • What do you think are your Diabetes Weaknesses?

Let’s start off with some weaknesses. For some reason those seem to roll right out with little effort.

I have been a type one diabetic for almost eight years now and I can say that the one thing I would consider a weakness is my laziness. I know, it sounds terrible. Recently I have really been on top of checking my sugars. There was a time, though, where I didn’t check them at all. So even though I have been trying to be a “better diabetic” I’ll admit that once in a while I forget, no, I get lazy. I try to rely on my body to tell me what’s going on and sometimes that is not good enough. For example, right now I checked my sugar and it was 180, but I felt like it was much higher for some reason. If I hadn’t checked and just decided to take my insulin shot I would be crashing. I know it’s not safe to solely rely on my “symptoms” and I don’t always do this, but once in a while I just don’t feel like poking my fingers. Mostly it’s at night when I am exhausted from the day that I’ll tell myself, “You feel fine. Check it in the morning!” Terrible. So I would call that a weakness for sure. Another one might be that I don’t always know when to throw in the towel. I push myself way harder than I probably should to keep up with my little one and the family. Sometimes I need to admit when I am not feeling 100% I know that they won’t judge me or be upset with me. It’s difficult though.


  • What do you consider to be your Diabetes Strengths?

Let’s talk about the good stuff now. :) I have learned a lot about this disease through out the years. I have also learned a lot about myself. Some strengths, I believe, would be that I don’t let the numbers get to me anymore. (Seems silly after saying sometimes I forget to check my sugar, but like I said, it’s only once in a while) :) I have learned that a lot of things affect how my blood sugar levels are going to shake out. If I am stressed, they are going to bounce around a ton. When I am sick they tend to stay very high. I have really learned to focus more on the good days than the bad. I celebrate anything under 200 to be quite honest. They used to run even higher than that. Even the most “experienced” of us diabetics have off days. Life goes on, and so do I. I guess another strength for me would be my willingness to learn. That may seem weird but let me explain… Some people have issues or illnesses that they really don’t bother to research. They sort of skate by hoping for the best and leaving everything up to the doctors. I, on the other hand, have decided to know my disease inside and out and speak up when I feel like the doctors do not have my best interest in mind. I think that is a very good strength to have. I will not be pushed around and made to think I don’t know what I am doing/going through. (Not that I get a lot of crap or anything, but I did, in the beginning. I was misinformed and not on top of my game)

That has changed.

Everyday, for me, is an opportunity to learn and grow. I learn from my weaknesses so that I can grow stronger.

In the words of a very wise little miss, “Just keep swimming!” -Dory

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7 thoughts on “Strengths and Weaknesses.

  1. Oh yes, I get lazy about testing too – I don’t see how we could avoid that, we are human after all. I have a cgm, and sometimes I rely in it even though I’m supposed to verify it with a finger stick. Sometimes I ignore a low alarm if I don’t feel low (but the reason I have a cgm is because I don’t feel my lows). So yeah, I get it and I’m lazy too. How about we remind each other to test? :)

    • I’m glad I’m not alone. Haha. It’s just so tedious to check especially when a CGM basically does the work for you. :) Yes, let’s be sugar checking buddies.

  2. brittanyfenech says:

    Your strengths certainly outweigh your weaknesses. I must tell you that diabetic people are the strongest people I know, physically and mentally. I wanted to ask you to check out my most recent blog post about a walk that I am doing in Toronto to raise money for a cure for diabetes. My boyfriend and I are asking that each person donates one dollar to JDRF Canada to go towards our fundraising. If you can’t afford to donate, even just the price of a coffee, please pass on this message or start your own team for the walkathon. The battle gets easier if we fight it together. Just by reading this, we’re one step closer!

  3. Hi Elizabeth- I am also a “lazy” tester. I have problems testing my bg before breakfast. I also rely on my CGM way too much, but I guess that isn’t a bad thing…well, as long as it is accurate.

    This is a huge—> “Some strengths, I believe, would be that I don’t let the numbers get to me anymore.” I know I use to worry about the numbers in the beginning, but not so much anymore. Way to go!

    • Hey, Cherise. Thank you so much for commenting. I was the same about the numbers. They ruled my life to the point that I was starting to get depressed about them. Then one day I was just like, why beat myself down, some days I’ll have “control” and some days get away from me. I realized that getting back up and trying, trying, trying makes all the difference. :)

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