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The D.O.C <3

It’s the last day for Diabetes Blog Week and I have enjoyed being apart of something so amazing. I just want to yell from the roof tops, “I did it!!” Life gets very busy and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to write every single day, turns out, it was easier than I thought.

Let’s give a round of applause to Bitter Sweet Diabetes who has been hosting this amazing thing for four years now. When I discovered it I knew it would be a lot of fun! I have been able to read and get to know so many wonderful people affected by diabetes. Such a terrific experience. If you would like to know more about it you can follow the link above. There you will also find a link to all the bloggers who have contributed to the topics this week. Enjoy!

Here’s the prompt:

As another Diabetes Blog Week draws to a close, let’s reflect on some of the great bloggers we’ve found this week. Give some love to three blog posts you’ve read and loved during Diabetes Blog Week, and tell us why they’re worth reading. Or share three blogs you’ve found this week that are new to you. 

Since there were so many amazing posts through out this blog week I’ve found it very difficult to choose just three. So, instead, I will choose three bloggers that I have newly discovered.

Sarah at La Osita Blog. I just started reading her and I have loved her perspectives on diabetes and her life with it.

Paul at Type One Fun. I discovered his blog a few days before Blog Week started. He is new to the D.O.C as well as newly diagnosed and I just love how happy he is even with the ups and downs of diabetes. It’s great stuff.

Christel at The Perfect D. I was able to find her blog thanks to Diabetes Blog Week and I have enjoyed it very much. I just love her way of thinking. Great posts, sincerely. Check them out sometime.

Better yet, check out all of the bloggers listed. :)

A huge thank you to everyone who has stopped by and shown my little corner some love. I appreciate all the sweet comments.


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