When I’m on the go..

Welcome to another Wordless Wednesday :)


Not featured here..

  • The test strips for my “on the go” meter.
  • The lancets to make my finger tips bleed.
  • Syringes to inject myself with that insulin.
  • Glucose tablets for when my sugar levels drop.

Yes, it all fits in this handy little bag. I love it.

I try to remain low key with my diabetes supplies. Especially when I am going out. Because not only am I having to remember my own stuff…I also have to remember and carry around stuff for the little one. If she wants to bring books or a snack for herself, or whatever it may be, I am always the one that ends up with it by the end of the day. People are always so surprised to see that most of my stuff fits in this travel bag. I’m a tetris master, apparently. :)

Enjoy your Wednesday folks.


2 thoughts on “When I’m on the go..

  1. Oooh, R and N! Seeing those letters on the vial made me cringe! But I did use them for 20 years. and I made it through just fine (or so it appears), so I guess I should be grateful for ol’ reliable insulin. It kept me alive for a long time…

    • I feel the same way about them. They keep alive though so I try not to complain. Though, I am looking into getting a pump one day so I’ll never have to see these pesky little vials again.

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