Super Sweet Blogger Award.


To my surprise I was nominated for The Super Sweet Blogger award by a fellow blogger iChristian. (Check out his site sometime, it’s full of some amazing stuff) I had no idea there was such a thing but I am so happy to receive this super sweet honor. I figured it would be awesome to spread the love and continue the award ceremony.  (Also, please don’t feel obligated to do this, but it is fun)

So here goes..

Rules for this award:

  • Thank the Super Sweet Blogger that nominated you
  • Answer five super sweet questions
  • Include the Super Sweet Blogging award image in your blog post
  • Nominate 12 other bloggers.

Time for the 5 sweet questions:

  1. Cookies or cake? I personally prefer cake. My latest obsession has been Pink Lemonade cake. Simply delicious.
  2. Chocolate or vanilla? Since strawberry is not an option..Vanilla. : )
  3. Favorite sweet treat? Pineapple upside down cake is my first love.
  4. When do you crave sweet things the most? I’m diabetic so I tend to indulge when my glucose levels are low.
  5. Sweet nick name? My husband just calls me babe. I think it’s sweet.

My 12 super sweet nominees: Not in any particular order.

  1. Yes, I have Type 1 Diabetes. No my life is not over.
  2. Restless Fingers.
  3. Sugar High Sugar Low
  4. a1-Conceive!
  5. Bitter Sweet Diabetes.
  6. Type1x3thatsme
  7. Rolling in the D
  8. Diabetes Blog –
  9. Single Again
  10. A life like mine
  11. My Lazy Pancreas
  12. Young, Fun, and Type 1

There are so many more amazing blogs out there. This is just a list I came up with off the top of my head. :)


9 thoughts on “Super Sweet Blogger Award.

    • It is truly amazing cake. I’m a sucker for anything pink lemonade though. It’s not too overpowering either. Lemme know if you like it. When you find it that is. :) Oh and thanks again for the nomination.

  1. Hi!

    I’ve just been reading your blog after you liked one of my posts and seen this! Thank you so much for including me in your nominations what a lovely surprise. I really like your blog and pleased to see more people talking about life with type 1 openly :)

    • Thank so much for stopping by. I love your blog as well. It’s nice knowing there are more people with diabetes just living life and not being afraid to enjoy themselves. :)

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