Diabetes Blog Week.


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Some would consider me a newbie blogger but I can say it is something I am truly passionate about. Recently, while searching the internet for other diabetic bloggers, I discovered that there was a (fourth annual) Diabetes Blog Week. This link here (BitterSweetDiabetes) is where you can find the signups and all the information you need about participating. I’m very excited about this whole thing because 1) I love writing/blogging and 2) the topics are diabetes related..and I know all about that. :) With that said I thought I would share in case some of you that blog about diabetes would also like to take part in this. It hasn’t started just yet, signups are today, and the week starts on the 13th.

I  am a huge advocate of anything that gets people talking/learning/sharing about this disease.

I am looking forward to reading new blogs. There are so many of us diabetics out there that it’s nice to find a community where we can gather and really encourage one another. Some of us are more “experienced” and some are “newbies” but at the end of the day we are all in this together. I love that!

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5 thoughts on “Diabetes Blog Week.

  1. Reblogged this on iChristian and commented:
    As my lovely wife Sarah lives with type 1 diabetes and has an insolin pump, i am keen to learn and share anything about people who also live with this 24/7! :)

  2. I”m so excited that you are joining in on Diabetes Blog Week and thank you for the shout out!!!! I can’t wait to see your posts next week. :)

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