Lessons Learned.

Since starting my blog here I have received so much support from people; family, friends, and strangers. It has been quite a blessing, in such a short amount of time, to be accepted and welcomed. The other day I posted about feeling like a bad diabetic and how it’s nice knowing that I am not alone in the struggle. I guess I should elaborate that the reason I felt like a “bad diabetic” (aside from people constantly telling me this) was because when I was first diagnosed my doctor at the time enforced this “better eating, better diabetic” mentality. Then I figured out that it was alright for me to eat what I wanted as long as I took the appropriate precautions. My issue is that I still feel like I am doing it all wrong. Everyone handles this disease differently and I had written about how it is so nice knowing that someone has been where I am. Last night I received some emails in concern about how I am dealing with my disease and I wanted to address this for a moment..

It may come off like I am saddened by this disease and I can say that, yes, it does get me sad sometimes. I am only human. However, I will also say that not all my thoughts circling diabetes are negative. I can admit that I have learned quite a lot from my experiences. So I thought I would write about what it is exactly I have gotten from being diabetic for the last eight years of my life.

  • Through all of this I’ve found that I am way stronger than I give myself credit for. You have to be when it comes to any chronic illness. You don’t get days off or breaks. If I can get through this then I can get through anything. 
  • I’ve learned to persevere. When the days do get tough I know that I am capable of pushing myself just enough to get past the frustrations. Even if  today is hard it doesn’t mean it’s a terrible day.
  • A very important lesson, something I learned a long time ago, is to not take everything so seriously. Humor is good for the soul and on those hard days I can really get past everything by laughing it off. The reality is that diabetes sucks but I can’t change it, might as well make light of some of the situations. This has helped a lot.
  • I’ll have to say one of  the best things I learned, through all of this, is not to complain too much. There are people dealing with much worse. Everyday I am happy and blessed to be alive and I keep that in the forefront of my thoughts at all times.
  • Now I don’t claim to be any sort of medical expert, but I now know my body, for the most part, inside and out. Having diabetes has taught me to trust not only the medical professionals, sometimes, but more importantly to trust myself. When I feel like something is wrong I have learned that it is alright to voice my thoughts and feelings.
  • Lastly, I have learned that it is okay to ask for help. No matter how strong I am or how much I persevere, people, loved ones, they want to help whenever possible. So when I am feeling exhausted and my blood glucose has been all wonky I am not afraid to ask my husband to take over dinner making, and kid handling. I’m stubborn but sometimes it’s okay to let the guard down.

Everyday I’m learning, growing, and being awesome. :)

Thanks, diabetes.



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