Diabetes, there’s always something..

I’d like to start off by saying this..

Normally, if the mood is right, I have been trying to write a post every day. I like to write and this gives me the forum to do so, whether people read it or not, I write so that I can let out my own frustrations/opinions and all the like. Yesterday I made a choice not to blog because I, like a lot of people I’m sure, was glued to my television following the terror in Boston. After everything I witnessed through the news stations, which definitely does not come close to the true terror everyone out there was faced with, I would just like to take a moment to say how very proud I am of the men and women who risked their lives to ensure the safety of everyone. I felt like yesterday was not the time to think about anything else but Boston and the people who reside there.

Last night ended with the killing of one of the terrorists and capture of the other. The people of Boston have been able to breathe a little easier, since the chaos began just a few days ago, which puts the rest of America at ease just a bit. Today is a new day with a few less criminals out there. That is something to be happy about right now.

With that said I will now return you to our regularly scheduled program..My so-called Diabetic Life. :)

I recently read an article here about a glucose meter recall that is currently going on..

Now, I don’t use this particular meter, but others do. This whole recall got me a little nervous. If you read through the report it states that a high reading, in the 1000’s, would store itself as a very low number. Thus giving the user false information that could endanger them. Now, realistically, I have never been close to anything that high, and if that were the case, I am sure I would have already been hospitalized. What scares me is that we diabetics have to rely so heavily on these devices to let us know vital information and to think that some of them may be faulty..well, it’s a bit frightening.

I realize that not everything is 100% perfect. Things get damaged, get updated, or are just outdated. It’s normal to have things quit working but I never thought about my meter, or even an insulin pump, just one day going all wonky. I would be, for lack of a better phrase, shit out of luck. Of course, I could just buy another meter, but financially that is not always possible. My meter is very important in my survival. With it, and symptoms included, I am able to tell if I should take insulin, for a high, or if I need to eat something to get my blood sugar back up. If it happened to not work properly I could be putting myself in harms way, and I am not alright with that.

So what can be done about this..

Well I found a website here that gave me some helpful tips..

However, this has still left me concerned and confused. I’m wondering if any other diabetics worry about this sort of thing, like meters malfunctioning and getting the wrong readings. I haven’t dealt with this for as long as others so I am feeling very uneasy about this whole recall, even if it doesn’t directly affect me, it still raises a flag. The only thing I can say to bring myself, or anyone, any sort of ease is that this is why it is very important to be very aware and in tune with how I am feeling and the symptoms that I know will follow a high/low blood glucose reading. Though, even that is not always 100% accurate. There have been times I’ve felt low and after checking my sugar it will read normal.

Diabetes, you make me want to pull my hair out..


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