It’s a mad world.

I’d like to take a moment to step out of my diabetic shoes to discuss just a few things on my mind that do not pertain to insulin and blood sugars. No, instead they focus more on my view of the world today and my total disgust for some of the people in it..

So here goes..

My heart aches for every single tragedy that some one is having to go through. Just today there was a terrible act of violence inflicted on the city of Boston, Massachusetts during a marathon, people were hurt and some killed. This is not the only upsetting news story going on in the world and this will not be last. Every day some sick individual is injuring or killing people, the only difference between some of these devastating crimes is that not all of them are being televised or written about. Some go undocumented and even unsolved. It’s beyond tragic and it completely sickens me to my core when I think about all the good people having to go through such heartache.

With that being said I find myself as a parent wondering, quite often, how I could protect my daughter from being witness to all this hatred and violence in the world? How can I save her any sort of heartbreak in the future? Perhaps I could place her in a bubble and keep her locked away like Rapunzel in her tower. Or more realistically, I could turn off all televisions, shield her from any sort of news stories, tell people not to talk about anything sad or upsetting around her, and if the discussion were to come up, maybe we’d all just whisper politely so that she couldn’t hear us.

Yes, that’s what I could do.

Then again what good would that really do her? It would make her afraid, fearful of anything and everything around her. One day I wouldn’t be around to keep her safe and eventually she would be on her own, unprepared and scared. I couldn’t do that to her.

So then what can I do?

Well, I gave this some very serious thought and this is what I came up with..

1) Be honest with her: When a child asks a question some parents have a tendency to sweep the topic under the rug, whatever it may be, and I think that for the most part we should answer them. Nothing traumatizing in any way, of course, but I feel as though lying to them about what goes on in the world is only going to hurt them in the long run. When I turned on the news and my daughter saw a bit of what was going on she asked about it, now I spared her the horrific details, but I let her know that some bad people did a very bad thing and good people were hurt. She needs to know that though the life between the walls of our home are safe and full of love, not everyone out there is the same. Trust, but not everyone. Trust you’re gut most importantly. This is something I was ingrained with.

2) Communicate with her: This might go hand in hand with the above statement but I view them in different categories. Talk with your children. My daughter and I talk about everything. Though she is only five she hears and understand way more than I give her credit for. She talks about a lot of different things and I need to be prepared to discuss them with her. When she is curious I never shut her down. I think that creates a very unsure platform. She needs to feel as though nothing is off limits so she can get the answers she is looking for. This creates a preparedness. Knowing and educating oneself is always a plus..right?

3) Be encouraging to her: This is another important thing to do. Letting your children know that though there is chaos out in the world there are also very beautiful things too. Not every one is bad, not every one wants to hurt you. Life is a gift and an adventure and it is alright to be excited about everything new, things might seem impossible but it is okay to try and conquer them. I want my daughter to know that in the midst of terror people have risen and done great things. I don’t want her to be afraid when things happen because good does beat out the bad. Even if we don’t always see it that way at first.

You may or may not agree with my opinions and that is fine. I just needed to get that off my chest.


2 thoughts on “It’s a mad world.

  1. How old is your daughter? My oldest son is six, and we’ve pretty much sheltered him from yesterday’s news – just as we did with the news from Sandy Hook just four months earlier. I know he gets upset easily, and at this age my wife and i thought it would be best.

    I know we can’t do this forever … but for how long?

    • She’s five going on thirty. (She’ll be six at the end of the year) I actually had planned to shelter her more than we have but my husband and i , after deep debate, felt like maybe she should know that the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.. That sometimes it rains.. A lot. The sandy hook tragedy was kept from her altogether though. But when the news is on and she asks a question we try to be as honest as possible. The truth is that there are bad people out there, don’t be afraid, but be cautious. That’s what I hope we’re instilling in her.

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