I’m sexy and I know it..

Some Diabetic Products:

The sexiest lotion ever..

Recently I came across a commercial for Diabetic lotion. I had no idea there was such a thing. I understand the product, for the most part, I guess we diabetics have dry skin and need something specifically for us. Cool. However, can’t it smell a little better? Couldn’t Victoria Secret come out with something “diabetic friendly” but smells like roses or lavender? I would buy that product in a heart beat. This just feels so..generic, and hospital-like. So this got me thinking, what other diabetic products are out there and would I even bother to buy them? Just because I have a medical condition doesn’t mean I don’t like to feel beautiful.

For example: I have a blood glucose monitor, all of us diabetics do. The first one I had ever owned was big, chunky, and so bland, then I found a slimmer model that you can change the face plates on. I call it my “on the go meter” cause I travel with this one more. All my supplies are tucked into an adorable little pink/zebra “make-up” bag. Because who says diabetics can’t be cute? Well, I suppose the guys would rather the supplies stay gender neutral.

Back to my main point..diabetic products..

What else is out there?

Well here’s a little list:

1) The diabetic sock. Though not incredibly attractive I did find some cute ones, like the ones below…okay, kind of cute? These are supposed to be better than “regular” socks because diabetics have poor circulation. These are supposed to help with that whole thing. The problem is, these are the cutest ones I could find that say they are actually for diabetic women. Others may be tagged that way but aren’t legit. Let’s be honest, I would never buy these, especially when I can find cuter socks at target. :)

Diabetic Socks for Women

2) The diabetic shoe. When I was younger and first diagnosed they didn’t have “cute” shoes for diabetic girls. They looked like chunky kitchen shoes, if you’ve ever worked in the food industry you know what I am talking about, not something I wanted to wear. Then I came across these the other day..

Diabetic shoes.

Now, not all of them are gems but I’d say the top two look comfy enough that I might consider purchasing these for running errands, or having to walk long distances. If you like these here’s the website. I think the main issue, other than looks, is price. If you want a decent diabetic shoe they are going to cost you quite a bit. And if you are spending all your  lunch money are diabetic supplies, these are not going to be at the top of your list when it comes to necessities.

And lastly..

3)The diabetic medical alert bracelet. I realize that these serve a very practical purpose. To alert anyone, in case of an emergency, that I am a diabetic. But do they have to look so juvenile and just plain ugly? Surely there is something else out there that serves the same purpose, right?

Well, there is..

Medical Alert Bracelet.

I came across this website (Diabetic Jewelry) created by the wonderful Kirsty, here’s her twitter

Here’s one of my favorites..

The new medical alert bracelet :)

If you’ve checked out the website, like I hope you have, aren’t these just adorable. Something I would not mind sporting around declaring my diabetes. And they are reasonably priced too.That’s a win win in my book. :)

So with these few examples I have come to the conclusion that people don’t think diabetes is sexy, and it’s not, but the people who are diabetic are. We are all beautiful, strong, human beings. All the men and the women of this disease are and we deserve to be treated so. My hope for the future, until a cure is introduced,  is that diabetic products get a little less medical and a little more fashionable.

I am stuck with this disease for the rest of my life, can’t I look fabulous while doing it.


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