One lump or two?

The other day I was cordially invited to one of the finest parties around. My daughter sent a formal request for my presence, in her room, to attend one of her magnificent tea parties. (Pretend of course) With overwhelming joy at the invitation I gussied myself up for tea for two. I wondered what sort of sweet treats would be laid out for us to partake in. What the tea would taste like and if one of her many stuffed animal friends would be making an appearance. I just couldn’t wait. She tends to go out for these sort of occasions. :)

I waited around for her to set things up and make the afternoon perfect for us. Finally the anticipation was over. We sat around her princess “coffee table” and made idle chit chat about the children and work. She pranced around in her fancy make believe garments and poured out tea for the both of us. Laid across the table were brownies and cakes. She shyly asked how everything looked and I proclaimed with genuine excitement, “delicious!”

The afternoon was amazing, until she stopped me dead in my tracks with some harsh reality.

While sipping on some delicious tea I noticed a cup off to the side of the table, with sincere curiosity I asked what was in the dish. (I mean everything else had a very specific use and I hadn’t seen her touch this particular item) With a gentle smile she told me that there was sugar cubes in there. (I hadn’t realized the tea had been unsweetened) So with out hesitation I reached for the “sugar cubes” but with a snap of her tiny little hand and an annoyance in her voice she shut me right down. “No mommy! You can’t have sugar, you have the diabetes” I pulled back and asked her what that had to do with putting a little sugar in my tea and she replied that too much sugar makes me sleepy and thirsty. That daddy is always saying for me to watch my sugar. I giggled, of course, and asked her about all the “sweet” desserts she had laid out for us..

Yes, you guessed it. They were sugar free as well.

Though I was very pleased that she took my diabetes into consideration I couldn’t help but think, damn, I can’t even get sugar in my pretend tea/treats. What’s up with that. :)


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