The Diabetic Cookie Monster..

For awhile, not sure if anyone remembers, the Cookie Monster tried really hard to stay away from the cookies. He was eating a lot more veggies and I guess that was Sesame Street’s way of convincing kids to eat healthy? I bring this up because I remember my husband telling me a story about a little girl asking her dad why the Cookie Monster, when cookie is in his name, was eating carrots. He wasn’t the carrot monster. I guess the explanation was that he had become a diabetic and couldn’t have a lot of sugar anymore. Now, when my husband told me this I giggled slightly. I thought that was such a silly answer to give a child with real curiosity and concern. And then I thought about how I would one day be explaining diabetes to my daughter..would I use that example?

I am a type 1 diabetic and I have been for about eight years. Before my daughter and before my husband. When he told this story to me my daughter was only a year old. I didn’t need to think about explaining anything to her. She was a baby, all she cared about was eating, napping, playing and being on my hip 24/7. I let time pass and though I never hid anything from her I also never bothered to explain anything to her. I just didn’t think about it. My norm is her norm. She has seen me check my blood sugar, inject insulin and struggle here and there with the overall disease. When I’m not feeling very well we play Dr. and she has the best bedside manners I have ever seen. :) But it finally came up and I found myself stumbling over my words and wondering if she truly understood. Here’s how it went down..

I’m sitting down ready to take my morning injection. My daughter is running around, playing, like normal, being careful not to bump into me or anything because she’s very considerate when she knows I am taking medicine. (She does have an overall understanding of being sick, not feeling well, needing medicine, she just didn’t know what diabetes was) So in the midst of whirling and twirling about she stops dead in her tracks and asks me what being diabetic meant…

I look at her and say something like, “It’s when your pancreas doesn’t make insulin. That’s why mommy has to have insulin shots.” She responds with, “What’s a paincrass?” (She’s five)

I correct her in saying that it is pronounced pancreas and that it’s an organ in our bodies. I remind her that we all have organs, like a heart, and so everyone has a pancreas and it makes something called insulin that attacks food in our body and turns it into energy. She looks at me blankly. I smile and assure her that hers and daddy’s work just fine but mine doesn’t wanna work anymore. She then walks over to me and with a giant grin announces that maybe it was just on vacation!

If only…


2 thoughts on “The Diabetic Cookie Monster..

  1. michelle says:

    I love your blog. I am on the diabetic facebook page and saw your post. I am always looking for someone to talk to about being diabetic. I am looking forward to getting pregnant this year. I hope mine goes as well as yours did. I’ve been diabetic for 22 years. Im 30 now. Continue with your writing! Love the cookie monster idea!

    • Thank you so much for reading. It is very nice to meet people that understand a lot of what you go through. Starting this blog, for me, was a way for me to connect with other diabetics out there. Sometimes it’s a lonely road, or at least it feels that way. I wish you luck with your future pregnancy. It’s stressful but exciting, as are all adventures, right? :)

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