New Beginnings.

Though I have had many journals and online diaries, I have never tried blogging before. I suppose I figured this was probably the same as all the others. And then I did a little more research and found that this might be exactly up my alley. I mean, I studied creative writing and journalism. (I shouldn’t use past tense, I am still studying those things) With hard work I hope to one day be an author/writer/journalist. I am just not sure when that will happen. Which is why I am excited about starting this blog. I am hoping it will give me some of the experience needed to venture out into the journalism world. I would like to get a little more familiar with writing for people and not just myself. Which is what an online journal, I feel, is more geared towards. This is a place I hope I can share my stories and possibly meet new people and share in their ups and downs. I look forward to joining a community where thoughts and ideas can flow freely without judgement.

So, this is my new beginning.

With that said I would like to put it out there that what gets written here will be my very own thoughts and opinions, unless otherwise stated, and I hope that you all will be just as open minded as I will be as I navigate through your lives. I am an open book and I want to make the promise that everything said here is the absolute truth and nothing but. I believe in being honest with yourself and others. It’s really the best way to be in this game called life. So I hope you will enjoy reading this as mush as I’ll enjoy writing it.


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